6 stages of fibromyalgia, I have stage 3. what is your stage?


Stage 1

You started to feel more pain and tiredness than before, you are not sure what is going on but it hurts and you are tired. You can keep a job, you can get through the day, but you know something’s wrong… so that’s something you’re going to investigate.

Stage 2

He’s in a lot of pain, sometimes he takes an anti-inflammatory or something. You don’t get much relief, and you’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s something you’ll have for a while. you are in a lot of pain and exhausted almost every day, but in most cases you just go on and have a job, you can still attend events, hang out with friends and relatives and have a good time here and there .

Stage 3

You are in constant pain, you are constantly tired, you wonder if you will ever be able to function normally again. You plan on not working because you don’t have the energy you once had, you come home from work, and all you can do is rest. You have to decline the invitations, you have run out of energy, and you have to rest to come back tomorrow. At this point you start to feel more lonely and more and more people think that you are moaning too much. This phase can take a long time, maybe years.

Stage 4

You are in constant pain, good days are rare. You call your job sicker than it does. He spends a large part of his day in bed. When you are having a good day, take advantage of it and do whatever you can, everything you have had for a few weeks adds up to your day knowing full well that you will pay for it tomorrow. Your seizures last for days. At this point, your friends are making plans without you, they already know your excuses, and are pretty sure you won’t be able to participate. Your family is starting to think that you are using fibromyalgia as an excuse not to do things because steps 1 through 3 allowed you to do a lot of things that you just can’t do right now. They believe you are using your illness as an excuse, you feel lonely, isolated, worried, emotional, sad. This phase can last for years.

Stage 5

You’ve already been made redundant or quit your job, wondering about permanent disability and how long it will take to get it. You have heard horror stories about repressed people and the process taking years. You are struggling to make ends meet. Maybe you have someone looking after you. You spend a lot of your day in bed, even if you still enjoy this good day from time to time. You suffer, you suffer a lot, you cry a lot, you feel trapped in your own body. You have now explained to your friends that it is always nice to be invited even if you are not going. You have discovered that the only people who can relate to you are in a similar situation.

Stage 6 (the last Stage )

You may or may not expect a disability pension. You can’t keep your job Fibromyalgia is your way of life now, most of your friends live with the same fibromyalgia, everything you do takes up all your precious energy, simple daily chores you took for granted at first, go to the bath, wash your hair, take a shower, get dressed, tie your shoes, take whatever you can give. You are irritated by the hair or clothes touching your skin, you don’t have the energy or want to ‘put your face’ on before you go out, you don’t have the energy to keep a tidy house. With all the medicines you take or have tried, you have to deal with side effects and constant pain.

You are human and you still love certain things, like watching TV. You try to keep up with the news on fibromyalgia in the hopes that they are closer to finding a cure. Most of your old friends are gone, they have things to do. You need a lot of rest. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this point as things pile up around you: bills, clothes, dishes. You do it a little bit every day, you push yourself to feel like you’ve not been in bed all day, you feel guilty for not weighing too much at home. Your kids, your spouse, or your family are doing things for you more than ever. They try to do it in a nice way, but you still feel like a burden, you don’t remember anything, you can’t remember names or dates, and you lose track of your thoughts in the middle of a sentence. He also knows more about fibromyalgia than his own doctor at this point and smiles when he tries a new medication. You are desperate, same practical as before, same results, nothing helps much.

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