Fibromyalgia-how really swearing helps with fibromyalgia pain

FibromyalgiaA new study suggests that in dealing with pain, using bad words can help. If you have fibromyalgia, this can benefit you in some ways.

Fibromyalgia Research results 

The paper NeuroReport published the study investigating the connection between swearing and pain. The experiment was conducted by comparing how long the participants were able to soak their hands in ice water.

The study was attended by 67 students. There was also an opportunity for the students to choose their own expletive words and repeat them at their own will. It has been found that they experience less pain when participants swear. As such, they have been able to keep their hands submerged for 40 seconds longer in cold water than those who have not swear.

Fibromyalgia- Common Response to Pain

Researchers believe that while cursing is not a practice that is socially accepted, there is a reason to believe that it is actually beneficial. Swearing is a common reaction to pain, according to a psychologist. In fact, he thinks there is an underlying reason why people are going to do it.

Although researchers are not sure why swearing improves pain with fibromyalgia, they say it may be linked to the part of the brain which controls emotion. Previous studies have shown that the neutral language-related part of the brain can be located in the left brain. On the other hand, words of curse originated from an ancient instinct which developed. In fact, part of the brain responsible for this cycle can be found deep within the right hemisphere of the brain.

Fibromyalgia Fight or Flight Response

Researchers believe that the reaction is the responsibility of the amygdala. Amygdala triggers a fight or a flight response that increases the heart rate. This enables the body to be less sensitive to pain. Scientists in the above study also supported this by explaining that the heart rate of the students in the study increased when they swear. This therefore suggests that the amygdala was indeed aroused.

Experts suggest that if you have pain as a result of fibromyalgia, you should try to curse. Nevertheless, they warn that words will begin to lose their emotional strength if they are over-repeated. Then, strive to be imaginative by coming up with new bad words every time you feel the pain of fibromyalgia.




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