Spleen leaf can fight fibromyalgia pains

In addition to pain relief, researchers believe that the natural compound may also reduce symptoms such as depression and anxiety, which are usually linked to cases of fibromyalgia. Look!

It’s amazing how every day that you discover treatments and utilities that were hidden in nature. This is the case of the graviola leaf, which showed good results in relation to the pains of fibromyalgia.

The research was done by the pharmacology department of the University of Seville, Spain. The study was conducted in rats, which received an aqueous extract made from the leaves of the Annona muricata L. tree, whose fruit is graviola.

In addition to pain relief, researchers believe that the natural compound may also reduce symptoms such as depression and anxiety, which are usually linked to cases of fibromyalgia.

The next tests should be done on humans, looking for the ideal dose to obtain the same results in those patients that so much need help.

Graviola: an old acquaintance

Natural of the Amazon, the graviola is already known by the inhabitants of the region for its medicinal properties. Some studies have already shown that soursop can attack cancer cells.

The results showed that this natural treatment was as or more effective than some of the chemical drugs commonly used for this purpose. Something really incredible about a plant.

Other Tips for Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Now, going back to fibromyalgia, there are other tips that can help if you also suffer from the symptoms of this disease, such as:

1. Eliminate food allergy: Many people with fibromyalgia present food allergies and have reduced their symptoms by eliminating these foods, such as corn, wheat, dairy, citrus, soy and nuts.

2. Identify your metabolic type: By feeding yourself according to your metabolic type, you will promote a considerable improvement in fibromyalgia.

3. Improve intestinal ecology: there is a direct correlation between fibromyalgia and fungal growth (candida) in the digestive tract. Patients with this pathology improve significantly when following anti-diabetic feeding, with the use of probiotics, for example.

4. Thyroid hormone: one of the components of fibromyalgia is thyroid dysfunction and according to research by John Lowe, a thyroid specialist, thyroid hormone may be the missing element in the therapeutic approach to fibromyalgia, which is often overlooked.

5. Exercise: Studies show that combining aerobic exercise and stretching can greatly improve fibromyalgia symptoms.

6. Acupuncture: Studies have shown that acupuncture acts at the points of pain relief by cutting off blood flow in the areas of the brain responsible for that feeling, in seconds.

7. Vitamin D: By increasing levels of vitamin D you can treat, prevent and even reverse a huge amount of diseases, including fibromyalgia, according to Dr. Michael F. Holick, author of a book on the benefits of vitamin D.

8. Eliminate toxic metals: we are absorbing daily by water, air and food a large amount of toxic metals that can induce, generate or simulate diseases. Often, its detoxification promotes the reduction or reversal of the clinical picture of fibromyalgia.

9. Nutritional therapies containing B, C, magnesium and calcium complex vitamins that bring important improvements to fibromyalgia patients.

10. Lithium: Fibromyalgia symptoms have significant improvement when lithium is associated with treatment. It is worth mentioning that there is no problem in associating it to the medication of conventional treatments.

Now, the most important thing: both in the case of sage leaf and these other treatments, it is always good to remember that you should not self-medicate. These are important information, often very recent, that should be discussed with your doctor before any decision is made. Only he knows your case and can indicate the best measure for you.

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